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Landscape water consumption per household

Does anybody have some number on the average water consumption per household for landscape irrigation in California? On the average size and cost of the domestic irrigation installation?

by Manrique Brenes

For information on residential landscape water use, please refer to the discussion of seasonal water use in the California Department of Water Resources' Bulletin 166-4, Urban Water Use in California. It's accessible from our web site: http://rubicon.water.ca.gov/

You can order a hard copy by calling our publications desk at 916-653-1097.

by J. Scott Matyac

It takes about 5.0 acre feet of water per acre per year for residences and their landscapes in Southern California and Arizona.

by Aron Quist

Aron, That may be true in some areas. In our area, the figure is under 2 AF/yr. Reasons: colder coastal climate with few swimming pools, and smaller landscape grounds with a recent drought.

Does the figure include industrial / commercial use? Residence? Yard?

by Steve Jordan

In West Texas we found that the cost of off-the-shelf materials alone for residential sprinkler systems was about $0.07-0.10/sq ft. It can go lower if spray heads can be replaced with impacts or rotors. Labor requirements were about 1.0 man-minute/sq ft. The actual charge to homeowners for turn-key installations was $0.40-0.50/sq ft. Many installers used a multiplier times the number of sprinkler heads in the system to obtain the price they charge. The turnkeyl charges are probably lower than most parts of the country, and reflect the fact that many unemployed oil filed workers were involved in the sprinkler business at the time of the study, and a buyer's marker existed.

Water use by automatic systems were 31.0" (n=20), 51.2" (n=10), and 34.1" (n=3) for Ft. Worth, Ft. Stockton and Andrews, TX, respectively. This represents 129%, 169%, and 106% of Eto for the same cities respectively. Unfortunately, total use by the automatic systems was 77% higher than hose-move systems in the study (n=81).

Lawns in Andrews were rated on appearance (n=47) and compared to application amounts. Generally, 30" of water was enough to have a good quality of turf. Andrews & Ft. Stockton are similar in climate to Fresno, CA.

by Joe Henggeler