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Tape Retrieval Equipment for SDI-Systems

Dear tricklers, can somebody point me to companies producing machinery for the recollecting of subsurface drip tapes from various depths so that the tape/pipe can be reused.

Thanks for your help.

Jochen Eberhard

Dear Jochen,

I believe Matt Andros in Santa Margarita, California manufactures the equipment you are looking for.

Andros Engineering 805-438-4222

Linda Day

Dear Mr. Eberhard

Our company manufactures an entire line of equipment designed to extract, retrieve and recoil drip tape and hose for reuse. We also manufacture support items such as HDPE reels for winding tape and hose. Let us know your specific requirements such as depth, soil type, and thickness of tape, and we will be happy to send you information on appropriate equipment.

Roger Castadio

Contact Dr. L. Schwankl at ljschwankl@ucdavis.edu. Another good source of information is are the Agr.Engineers at Cal State, San Luis Obispo (sp?. One of them Dr. Syles (sstyles@calpoly.edu).

Jim Oster


Field Fumigation are a UK firm specialising in trickle irrigation. We have two machines available to retrieve trickle systems. One spools the T- Tape onto a diabolo for disposal. The other machine employs a level wind scroll to rewind thicker walled products onto a hydraulically driven bobbin for re-use. Both machines accurately follow tractor groundspeed in order to avoid overruns or pulling the tape.

Field Fumigation Asparagus Farm Court Lodge Road Appledore, Kent, TN26 2DH UK 44 1233 758367 or e-mail sales@fieldfl.co.uk

Patrick Joyce

Dear Mr. Eberhard, I reviewed your retrieval requirements and all areas ie., tape thickness, injection depth and reuse scenarios, can all be met with our existing line of equipment. If it is practical I would suggest leaving your deeply injected tape in the field until it must be removed as you will learn much about the practical aspects of tape retrieval when you retrieve your shallow injected tape.

At depths in excess of 5 inches a substantial amount of undercutting is required to remove tape. While we can offer you this equipment, we have found that it is usually more practical for a local shop to produce an undercutter due to the expense in shipping and the individual characteristics of you local soils. Send us a mailing address and we will send you the appropriate brochures.

Roger Castadio

Retrieval of buried tape at the depths you described is relatively easy, but the method of removal varies based on what you plan to do with the extracted tape. For tape that is to be disposed of, extraction and densification is accomplished in a single operation that yields a tightly wound coil suitable for disposal, or if permissible burning. This is accomplished via a machine we call a Over-The-Row Retrieval Head with Trash Spool. For tape that is to be reused we recommend that the tape be extracted and rewound in two separate operations. First, the tape is mechanically lifted to the surface using a machine attacched to a tractor and driven over the row. We call this machine a tape extractor.

The extractor leaves the tape on the surface of the soil and allows for drying of any sticky or moist soil that will be on the surface of the tape. The second operation uses a machine we call a Universal Retrieval Head used in conjuction with an Agri-Spool II (plastic re-usable reel), to wind up tape from one end of the field. As the tape slides along the ground, as it is wound onto the Agri-Spool II, and cleans itself of soil and debris to facilitate creating a cleanly wound reel of reusable tape. I will have our office send you the appropriate information.

Roger Castadio